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Silk Tie - Untitled by Ray James Tjangala

Ray’s untitled painting depicts designs associated with the site Karrilwarra, a rockhole west of the Kiwirrkura community. Two ancestral snakes travelled to this site from the far east. At Karrilwarra, the snakes created rockholes, soakages and sandhills before travelling west to Jigalong. The Tingari people later stopped at this site before continuing their journey in the same direction as the snakes. This story forms part of the Tingari Song Cycle, a closely guarded mythology, the specifics of which are known only to initiated Pintupi. In general, the Tingari were a group of ancestral beings who traversed the country creating and transforming its features through their travels.

Ray’s style is a departure from the sinuous rockholes that characterise much of the Papunya Tula canon. The artist is known for his hard-edged geometric designs and repetition of form that render narrative obtuse. In this meditative piece, the viewer is left to wonder whether the artist is portraying the skin of the snake or tracing their travels from east to west.

100% silk satin with cotton padding and silk lining.

All ties come in a beautiful gift box and include an artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.

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