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Side Plate - Green with Sparkles

This stunning one of a kind side plate has been made using Eco Resin. It has a lovely satin finish.
It is only suitable for COLD FOOD serving only. I would recommend avoiding any sharp objects on the platter so it does not scratch. it is the perfect plate to serve biscuits and dried fruits.
Is ideal for jewellery.
The whole underside has been sanded, leaving a beautiful smooth, satin finish. 
16cm across
2.5cm height

Materials:  Eco Resin and metallic foil.

Each one of a kind piece is carefully put together with thought given to colours, metallic use and overall aesthetic.

Please note that due to the nature of resin it is possible to see slight imperfections but does not affect the integrity of this beautiful piece and wonderful product.
I have tried best to capture the colour but it may vary slightly...
CARE: Please lukewarm handwash only with minimal suds. If you find that over time you platter is beginning to dull, simply wipe lightly with any vegetable oil to bring new life and sheen into your piece.


Hand Made in Australia

Please note: As these products are handmade and unique there may be slight variations between colours and patterns from the image shown and the product received.

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