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Natural Deodorant Citrus

Babs Natural Deodorant Paste works by neutralising the odour causing bacteria that live under your arms while still allowing you to sweat and expel toxins. Using 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to keep you smelling fresh.

Babs Natural Citrus Deodorant contains Chamomile and Calendula and is a slightly gentler blend than the Tea Tree Deodorant.


Apply to damp skin. Take a small amount of paste, around the size of a five cent piece, melt on your fingers, rub gently under each arm.


Note If transitioning from an antiperspirant please note some people experience a detox period.  Your pores may need to unblock and you may find you need to apply a second time during the day.  This normally only lasts for a few days.  You may also experience redness which is also a sign of your body detoxing. Should you have a reaction that lasts more than a few days we recommend discontinuing use and seeing a health care professional.

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