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How's the Serenity - Bath Soaks

Create a floating therapeutic garden in your bathtub. Breathe in the aromas of the flowers, lay back and let your skin soak up their vitamins. See the beauty of the flowers and let it help you to remember your own inner garden and start your journey of tending to it. Ahh.. How’s the serenity. 

200ml Glass Jar

All herbs are Organic or Wildcrafted.


Pink Himalayan Salt - Powerful detoxifier to leave you feeling clean, purified and nourished physically, spiritually and energetically.
Butterfly Pea Flower - Rich in bioflavonoids, rejuvenate the skin promotes hair growth. High in antioxidants and promotes relaxation.
Elderflower - Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Chamomile - Aids with sleep, relaxation, stress and anxiety. Reduces inflammation and soothes skin.
Orange Segments - Boost general wellbeing with refreshing and uplifting aroma.
Lavender - Induces a sense of calm. Soothes the mind, eases stress, anxiety and tensions.
Calendula - Anti-inflammatory known to nourish and heal the skin.
Rose Petals - Therapeutic herb, The universal symbol of Love and Sacred connection.
Hibiscus - Rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants, known aphrodisiac that symbolizes love, passion and femininity.

nstruction: Pour desired amount into bath or use organic cotton muslin bag provided.


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