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Heart dish

This dish has been made with a sustainable Eco Resin. Each piece is carefully hand sanded through many grits to assure a smooth and comfortable finish.

This piece is one of a kind.

Materials:  Eco Resin and metallic foil.

Measurements: 68 x 55mm  

What is Eco Resin? 
By using green chemistry, the manufacturer of the epoxy resin has eliminated harmful by-products and significantly reduced their CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. There are no added petrochemicals in the resin so each piece takes around 4-5 days to fully cure. The resin is also UV stable so there is no yellowing.

Please note that due to the nature of resin it is possible to see slight imperfections but does not affect the integrity of this beautiful piece and wonderful product.
I have tried best to capture the colour but it may vary slightly...


Hand Made in Australia

Please note: As these products are handmade and unique there may be slight variations between colours and patterns from the image shown and the product received.

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