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Akweke Stories Big Tear Drop Earrings

Our big Tear Drop Earrings are an absolute favourite and all time classic style. These have a big wow factor but (VERY) small weight factor... don't be fooled by their size, you can comfortably keep them on all day long without even noticing..If you are loving the art work by Michelle Kerrin from Akweke Stories this piece is the perfect canvas to showcase her incredible talent. 

Our unique design concept means you can also flip each tear drop over to show the subtle, brushed silver finish instead! Live on the wild side by wearing some big-ness and add some extra oomph to your day! 

  • featuring art titled “Jamie” By Michelle Kerrin from Akweke Stories. Her soft earthy and feminine colour palette captivated us from the moment we found her.
  • reversible panels have artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other - choose which way to wear them!
  • Featuring our new sterling silver bar hooks that can also be worn separately
  • 7.6cm long including hook, 4.2cm wide
  • 5.7 grams each
  • Australian Made in Currumbin Queensland.         

              Please note: As these products are handmade and unique there may be slight variations between colours and patterns from the image shown and the product received.

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